Caryatis Greek Sandals is a “handmade” ode to the most famous daughters in the world. Made of white marble, with a slender figure and dressed with a Doric veil, the beautiful daughters of Athena, support and beautify the Erechtheion, the holiest temple of her ancient city.

With outmost shyness and respect, we imagine that we dress their bare feet, hidden under the heavy marble veil, with “Caryatis Greek Sandals”, footwear that resembles jewerly, made of natural Greek materials, of exceptional quality. Their soft, anatomical, inner insole combined with the flexible sole, will surely rest their eternal gait.

Inspired by the wonderful marble daughters, “Caryatis Greek Sandals” are a compliment to the women of the world, expressing the real and symbolic nature of beauty and kindness. A celebration of ages old, ancient Greek female beauty, the ideal combination of beauty and virtue.

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